Brisbane Nurture Centre


Admission to the Brisbane Nurture Centre requires:

1) a referral from your doctor (GP, Obstetrician or Paediatrician), for your baby, in your baby's name.

Please check with your health fund to ensure your baby is covered.

Your doctor will need to include the following details in your referral:

  • Reason for referral (e.g. sleep/settling or feeding concerns)
  • Name & dosage of all medications for both parent or child
  • The doctors name, contact details and provider number

2) an Edinburgh Post Natal Depression Scale questionnaire, also completed by your doctor.

Click on this link to view or print the Edinburgh Post Natal Depression Scale questionnaire

3) a Mother Baby Assessment Form, completed by you or the primary carer of the baby.

Click on this link to view or print the Mother Baby Assessment Form

4) a completed Booking Deposit Form

5) a GP Mental Health Treatment Plan - Patient Assessment (Optional)*

We provide mother/parent access to a psychologist/psychiatrist consultation and encourage mothers to access these services due to the emotional stress experienced. If your GP feels you would benefit from this service please print the GP Mental Health Treatment Plan and ask your GP to complete it.

Click on this link to view or print the GP Mental Health Treatment Plan.

These 5 documents must then be sent to the Nurture Centre via email, post or fax before your booking is confirmed.



Parenting Support Co-Ordinator
Brisbane Nurture Centre
P.O. BOX 443
Everton Park Q 4053

Fax: 07 3353 7860

Once the Brisbane Nurture team have received these documents our staff will phone or email you to discuss a date for admission.

Due to the popularity and success of our Brisbane Nurture Centre, bookings require a $250.00 deposit, which is refundable upon completion of the program. Your deposit is non-refundable if you do not complete the program.

Postponement of booking:

You may change your booking once after initial confirmation upon receipt of a medical certificate, otherwise your deposit is forfeited.

For more information please contact the Brisbane Nurture Centre on (07) 3353 7861 or email

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